Services and packages

Face2Face Coaching

This session takes place in my practice I have a nice and cosy office with a lovely view out over the water.

The duration of a session is 40 minutes

Price DKK 399,-

Online Coaching

The session will take place online, on a media outlet that we agree on, for example on Teams or Zoom.

The duration of a session is 1 hour

Price DKK 950,-

Coaching for students

If you are a student, you will receive a discount of 200,00 DKK pr. hour. A session is 60 minutes.

The duration of a session is 1 hour

Price DKK 750,-

Motivational sessions – special price!

If you enter into an agreement for 3 short sessions over 3 months, you will receive a unique price. These sessions take place online, as video or audio sessions on a media outlet that we agree on beforehand. This type of session enables you to get help over time, maybe through a difficult period of time in your life, or a period where you have a specific task or expectation that you need to get through. I can be your own personal coach, your co-pilot through this time and help you get through it and reach your goal.

The duration of a session is 40 minutes

Price DKK 399,-

Intensive Coaching

My intensive package is for you who needs a motivated helper by your side, through a dilemma, a task, a crisis or another challenge that you might have, where we really get the centre of the issue. With good questions, tools and knowledge relating to your specific challenge, we shed light on your challenge, so you have concrete opportunities enabling you to achieve your goal.

You get:

4 sessions with a duration of 1 hour



Together we’ll find a place to work.
Transportation costs are expected.


Price DKK 3.990,-

Stress course

As a certified Stesscoach from Bjarne Toftegaard, I have a good theoretical and practical knowledge about stress. I offer a 7 session process which I recommend in order to be able to address the stress appropriately. You will learn about stress and what it is that is happening, you will work with practical stress exercises and you will be given tools that you can use, in order to achieve good results.

You get:

7 sessions of 1 hour
30 minutes follow-up phone call


We’ll meet in my cozy office with a beautiful view over the water.


Price DKK 6.990,-

House Coach

Offer employees a coaching programme, in line with other fringe benefits such as, physiotherapy or a fruit arrangement. A coaching programme could also be a good alternative to yet another training course offering or as a bonus to an employee, for a job well done. Coaching can be precisely the kind of employee benefit you are looking for in relation to complying with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Call or text to discuss a structure for your HouseCoach programme.


The coaching can take place inhouse or in my private practice.


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