What is Performance Coaching?

I see people change things they thought were completely impossible. They make the changes through unique conversations with me, their own newly discovered ressources, new perspectives and practical tools.

Is Performance Coaching for you?

Maybe you have already had sessions with a therapist but still you can’t seem to make it work. I’ll guide you, so that you learn how to tackle your reactions and be more conscious about your thought processes and live a healthier life.

What will you gain from a session with me?

You will be able to manage your reactions and thought processes through coaching sessions or workshops. You get new perspectives and concrete action plans that can be set in motion immediately, so you can better live out your potential!

Conscious Navigating | Healthy Living

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Know your resources

I will help you see your resources, so that you learn to use them in the possible way

Take control

I will guide you towards better conscious decisions and a healthier life, with you at the helm

Tackle your thoughts

Get tools and knowledge on how to tackle heavy thoughts, så you can move on.

Get a new perspective

To gain clarity you need unique conversations and good questions.

Contact me and let’s find out how I can help you

Intensive Coaching

My intensive package is for you who needs a motivated helper by your side, through a dilemma, a task, a crisis or another challenge that you might have, where we really get the centre of the issue

House Coach

Offer employees a coaching programme, in line with other fringe benefits such as, physiotherapy or a fruit arrangement. A coaching programme could also be a good alternative to yet another training course.

Stress course

You will learn about stress and what it is that is happening, you will work with practical stress exercises and you will be given tools that you can use, in order to achieve good results.

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